About Gambling Advertisements

Gambling AdvertisementsFirst off the name could be slightly misleading. Yes we advertise gambling sites on Gambling Advertisements, but we don’t just promote any and all online gambling operations currently in existence.

Indeed, far from it, here at Gambling Advertisements, or Gambling Ads as we often refer to ourselves, we are extremely selective as to which online casinos are promoted on the site.

You may have noticed the words ‘online casinos’. That is because primarily Gambling Ads is an online casino portal, showcasing the best casinos currently available to play online.

So who are we and what do we know?

Well Gambling Ads was acquired by UK company Bath Rock Media back in 2009, but it is only at the start of 2012 that the site has been developed into what you are looking at today. It is a great domain name, that there is no doubt, but the people at Bath Rock Media have a long association with the online gambling industry.

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Headed up by Dave Sawyer, who goes by the name Webzcas on numerous gambling forums, Dave’s background in the iGaming industry started way back in the Autumn of 2000, when he left the rain and windswept country that is the UK, to move to Gibraltar and take up a position with Ladbrokes offshore setup  on the rock.

Working in the IT Department at Ladbrokes, Dave was promoted to the position of IT Manager in 2002, in a role that he enjoyed until 2005, when he left to set up his first portal. The Casino Reviews portal Online Casino Reviewer.

Dave has over 12 years experience working in the iGaming industry, knows the pitfalls and the pluses and more importantly is a player of online casinos.

In a nutshell, Gambling Ads only features those casinos which we as players are happy to deposit at and play at.

So you the player can be safe in the knowledge that should you choose to play at any of the casinos we recommend throughout the site, you are playing at upstanding operations.

Online casinos which you will find will pay out when you request a cash out of winnings, with no hoops or hurdles put in place to make it difficult to do so.